One Day Millionaire

By: Ryan Eiroll Nunag


One-Day Millionaire

Seafarers and OFWs financial struggle and h...






One-Day Millionaire

Seafarers and OFWs financial struggle and how to get out of it.


I’m Ryan Eiroll Nunag, a Seafarer / OFW, Entrepreneur and an author of this fabulous eBook. I came from a poor family and I was born and grew up in a very famous place, Tondo, Manila. I remember that time that we are really having difficulty for everything due to our financial status. Thank’s to my Mom who never gave up to raise me and support me despite these difficulties.

I’ve finished my High School Studies and step up to college for my First year but then, I haven’t got a chance anymore to continue because of the high expenses in being a college student. I’ve decided to work and help my Mom at the age of 17 working in a fast food chain as a cashier. Since then, the chance of continuing my studies was gone.

I’ve work, work, and work. Jumping from one company to another every contract as I can’t find a decent company that accepts a college undergrad person. One day, one of my cousins referred me to a motorist hotel that accepts a college undergrad applicant.

Thanks be to God and to my cousin as I was hired by this company, I was blessed to be a regular employee and very thankful for that blessing. But it seems it’s still not enough. I’m still not able to save and grow my money as it is just enough for our expenses.

2003, another opportunity comes and I was able to apply and got hired by a Maritime Agency that provides crew members for an International Cruise Line Company.

Then I told to myself, this is it!
But I was wrong, I was earning more than my previous local jobs but my expenses are getting more as well. Every contract was the same, I embark, earn some money, and spend all within a month on my vacation and end up calling back my agency after just 1 month if I have another schedule to embark. It continued every single year for a long time.

Spent many years going out of the Philippines to earn dollars but back to zero after the first month of my vacation. 

Getting Out From The Hole


2016, I’ve met a friend onboard a ship who opened up about financial literacy and told me to read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad – by Robert Kiyosaki”. That changes every point of view that I have about, money, work and financial freedom. Thanks also to this dear friend of mine who just not open my mind about financial literacy but opened my heart as well to Jesus. And that was my biggest turning point of my life.

I’ve started to change my mindset, cutting my expenses and started to taking the risk to enter small businesses and online opportunities. During this journey, of course, I still encountered ups and down. Some businesses didn’t work out and I’ve lost some money but I didn’t give up.


After reading several books, and investing time to learn about self-development, I discovered that to be successful and wealthy is not just about earning more money.

We need to have the right mindset, discipline, budgeting and the most important taking massive action to have changes in your life.

I was taken up by the advice given to me by one of my close friend and mentor, “You cannot expect different results if you’re doing the same thing over and over again”.

Our future does not depend on destiny but for every single decision, we are making each and every single moment of our life.

Did you ever arrive at the point that you’re thinking, what is still missing even if you have a high salary as an OFW?

Are you tired of getting shout by your boss just to earn money for your family?

Did you ever think about the moments that you are together with your family having happy moments but you can’t because you have a yearly contract?

Are you tired of being still in debt despite your high salary as an OFW?


What if:

  • You will be able to know what is the missing piece to be financially free.

  • You will have the chance to find a source of income that will make you stay with your family.

  • You will be able to pay all your debts and not incurred debt again in your life.

There’s an eBook that will reveal all your financial struggles and will teach you how to get out of it.

Are you willing to take an action to get out of these common known financial struggles? Or you will just go on, stay on your comfort zones and do nothing?
Life is about choices and a goal without plans and actions is just and will remain a… DREAM.


One Day Millionaire eBook – Seafarers and OFWs financial struggles and how to get out of it.

You will Discover:

  • An experienced based learning of financial struggles and alternatives on how to get out of it.

  • The main reasons why you’re in debt despite your high and stable income.

  • The physical and emotional effect of being in debt.

  • How to strengthen your mind in order to get out of Debt?

  • Solutions on how to avoid such unreasonable expenses that board you to Debt.

  • Learn the turning point by opening your mind to Financial Literacy.

  • Will Introduce you to the world of business and will reveal the most common businesses to earn extra and passive income to strengthen your cash flow.



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